Bài tập về dấu trọng âm Tiếng Anh

Exercise on Stress on three-syllable words Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others:

1. a. generous                 b. suspicious                 c. constancy                  d. sympathy

2. a. acquaintance           b. unselfish                    c. attraction                   d. humorous

3. a. loyalty                     b. success                    c. incapable                   d. sincere

4. a. carefully                  b. correctly                    c. seriously                    d. personally

5. a. excited                    b. interested                  c. confident                   d. memorable

6. a. organise                  b. decorate                    c. divorce                      d. promise

7. a. refreshment              b. horrible                      c. exciting                    d. intention

8. a. knowledge                b. maximum                  c. athletics                   d. marathon

9. a. difficult                     b. relevant c. volunteer d. interesting

10. a. confidence              b. supportive                  c. solution                    d. obedient

11. a. whenever                 b. mischievous               c. hospital                   d. separate

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