Bài tập trắc nghiệm luyện thi Toeic

Bài tập trắc nghiệm luyện thi Toeic Chapter 1 Basic Structure

1. Subject

1.1 Studies show that ______ are easily passed from one person to another by failure to wash hands frequently.

(A) Infect           (B) infections            (C) infectious            (D) infecting

1.2 My brother started working in the pizza business after ______ graduated from college.

(A) himself        (B) his                      (C) he                      (D) him

1.3 The announce of the captain is that the airplane would be arriving in twenty minutes.
                          (A)                                                (B)        (C)     (D)

1.4 Understand the interplay between money, interest rates, and debt could be useful.
             (A)               (B)                                                       (C)                  (D)

1.5 An anonymous provided the money to build new medical facilities at the prison.
                         (A)                    (B)             (C)                    (D)

1.6 The enclosed brochure explains how, ______ can file a claim quickly and easily.

(A) who             (B) one                      (C) which                 (D) this

1.7 The actively of all license holders are regulated and supervised by government agencies.
               (A)                   (B)                      (C)                                    (D)

2 Verb

2.1 He ______ all his money in bad stocks, and now he is flat broke.

(A) investment     (B) investing              (C) invested               (D) investable

2.2 What they present in the book is a set of techniques that systematically ______ the learner for interaction with target language speakers.

(A) prepare          (B) preparing              (C) prepares              (D) prepared

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